Shayla Penera is a Big Island (Hawaii) based photographer; creating photos for the free-spirited and wildly in love.

Through time and experience, Shayla has refined her style of ‘sun-drenched’ and ‘salt-washed’ photos. Greatly inspired through old school film, life by the ocean, and a love affair with the world. Her photos have been described as effortless, emphasizing simple and uncluttered scenes that showcase the beautiful things, faces, and places. 

Shayla's intent is to create timeless photos that withstand the trends, showcase the work of passionate entrepreneurs, and most importantly to document the moments that mean the most.

While living in California, Shayla attended college at California State University San Marcos and earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration. Shayla has had the fortune to continue work as a photographer with established companies and other creatives; traveling home often to touch base with inspiration. Now based in Hawaii once again and with nothing but time ahead, she hopes to continue her experience as a photographer and dive into more genre's and styles of photography. 



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